Monthly Hub Meeting


Mostly in cyberspace through Zoom


  • Ben Creasy
  • Sari Stenfors
  • Johannes Ernst


  • Operations
  • Website
  • Social network profile
  • Registration
  • Members and Sponsors
  • Money handling
  • Legal entity

MyData Global has an “Annual OKR cycle”. We might want to get our plan together and get it inserted into when the next cycle starts in October.

Continuation of the discussion from last time: how possible is it for us, or anybody, to create an accelerator for MyData-aligned startup companies.

Accelerator can be step 3 or 300 of what we do … we can do one step at a time.

We need the right people to get excited, and for that we need a business plan-pitch.

How do we even reach out to the right startups? Could host events of interest to startups of the type we are looking to attract. E.g. “How do I make my startup GDPR compliant?”

Action items:

  • Setting up a mailing-announcement list. Johannes
  • zoom link for meetings. Sari
  • writing a git hub document that has a plan of what we are doing in this hub. Sari writes something, Johannes will set up and invite everybody as a reviewer.
  • create a list of topics that are of interest to MyData related ideas, such as GDPR, and create events on the topics.
  • website: startups that are somewhat aligned, free software society, wikimedia etc.