Monthly Hub Meeting


500Startups, 814 Mission Street, San Francisco


  • Sari Stenfors (remote)
  • Ben Creasy
  • Soren Jorgensen
  • Mark Son-Bell
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Josep A. Aliagas


2 main points on the agenda today:

  1. Upcoming event organizing. Who will present what in the meeting? Plan for the meeting.

    What else is needed? who talks and when?

    Who is coming?

    Who is responsible of what?

    Marketing plan for the event. Who does what?

  2. How do we get Silicon Valley hub going… in other ways than the meet-up? How do we get some initial sponsor money?


  1. Event on the 16th of July

    We have decided how shall we structure the event, Seth should first introduce himself as our member and sponsor for this first event. Sari will give a 10-15 min presentation about My Data Global and its objectives, and the rest of us will talk about different issues for 5 minutes such as GDRP, Data in Health… Johannes will share the final structure of everybody’s speech in order to add a structure and publish it on Meetup, Eventbrite and on our own social networks, by tomorrow. Marc and Soren, will talk to Government related speakers from California and Denmark to see if we can have their presence on Tuesday.

    We will then let people introduce themselves and we will do as much networking and try to enroll more people in our Hub, Slack Channels and into Helsinki’s conference in September.

  2. About the Hub:

    We agree on start working with big corporations, Non goverment agencies, and government-related agencies in order to let them know about us. The goal, to create a lobby and start getting their attention and engagement. We have created a slack channel called outreach to start working on this specific issue.

    We agree on working with Startups and try to become a reference for the Startups related with MyData principles. Still need to decide how.

    We need money for little and big things. Need to find out from whom can we get it. We will mention the “sponsorship” possibility in our next event.

    We need to learn from the Japan Hub how to make ourselves more relevant. Sari is scheduling a call with them on July 18th, but need to be confirmed yet.

    We need to work on specific topics for future events, such as: scamming, GDPR pro’s and con’s, human rights, data banking

    We need to start working on a blog where we upload all the info that we generate, presentations, videos… and we need to ask for help to HQs to see if they can do the publishing, editing…

    Next meeting August 8th, that’s the 2nd Thursday of August

Action items:

  • Johannes to revise event description, publish draft to Slack
  • All: provide change requests to event description by end of day Thursday
  • All: publish event to Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup etc Friday morning
  • All: notify their personal networks of the event on Friday
  • Sari find poster for Josep to print
  • Sari get welcoming message from MyData leadership
  • Sari check from Seth that we have a projector
  • Sari bring chips to meeting
  • Mark: talk to staffer of Berkeley rep to see whether interest to do 5-min talk on legislative situation of personal data in CA
  • Søren: put together some sort of a summary of the meetup that can be used as a blog
  • All talking: provide slides or written summary of your talk
  • Sari figure out if MyData has a blog that we could send content to
  • Søren: find Danish rep for possible talk
  • Johannes: create sign-up sheet and bring on Tuesday
  • Josep to cover how to join MyData SV, our programs, and call for sponsors in his talk