Monthly Hub Meeting


500Startups, 814 Mission Street, San Francisco


  • Mark Son-Bell
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Josep A. Aliagas

Main points today:

  1. Board elections

    We agreed on our hub presenting a candidate to the Board of My Data. In case there’s no one willing to become a candidate, Mark Son-Bell offered himself to participate as our candidate. Our hub needs to have representation as Silicon Valley plays a key role in the personal data industry, and we need to be part of this key role by having a board member in the global organisation. Only by having a board member we will be taken seriously by the big companies in Silicon Valley when we approach them.

  2. IIW.

    We talked about the interesting conferences and meetings that were held during the IIW (Internet Identity Workshop) held in Mountain View the first week of October.

  3. Me2B

    Johannes explained to us how the Me2B community (he is also one of the founders there) is creating some groups and a small fund to help people and companies develop some self-sovereign identity related projects such as creating some legal sfuff to be shared with politicians in order to prepare a federal law, or a “wikipedia” for tech products that are using personal data. We talked about the possibility of joining forces with Me2B. We are working in the same area, but they are a bigger organisation in Silicon Valley but smaller on a global scale.

  4. Helsinki Conference

    Unfortunately none of the attendants to this monthly meeting had the chance to be in Helsinki. All the information will be available on Slack in a few days based on what is being posted by the organisers.