Monthly Hub Meeting


500Startups, 814 Mission Street, San Francisco


  • Mark Son-Bell
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Josep A. Aliagas
  • Kaliya Young (identity woman)

Remote attendants:

  • Sari Stenfors
  • Kathy Giori


  1. Elections Result

    Our Hub did not get any representative in any of the available positions. From our Hub we congratulate all the board and steering group members. Josep showed his personal concern and added that “This was really disappointing. It’s difficult to understand and really discouraging from my personal point of view how a global organisation like MyData has not had the vision to choose any representative in the most critical area in the world regarding personal data, as Silicon Valley.” We all think it’s a pity but we need to keep working.

    Sari is alternate for Jogi on the Board.

  2. Fund Raising, the role of our organisation and Race-To-The-Top (RTTT)

    We are contacting with several actors in the FundRaising industry who are starting to coordinate the creation of a group of investors which investment thesis is similar to our principles. We agreed on working with RTTT in creating the ecosystem.

    Sari mentioned that one of his contacts was in the last meeting in NY and would provide some feedback on what was discussed there.

    Our colleague Soren is also organising some events at Stanford University. Another colleague, Seth, is already working on his own project and already raised funds, so it looks like things are starting to ramp up.

    People are already talking about a so called Privacy-tech category. Our Hub should be active in this field and we are thinking of ways to do that.

    One of the participants says that MyData Global is working on the MyData certification programs. We discussed whether to have our own organisation certification or not. Me2B is already working on that. The difference is that MyData will certify people, while Me2B certifies products

    We propose different ways of making ourselves visibles such us do matchmaking events. Also one of us proposals that we should talk to Pension Funds so that they start thinking of allocating their funds into companies that are respectful with data.

    Kathy offers us the possibility of reaching more people through Mozilla and open innovation.

    Finally we discuss about Contract for the Web that gets a lot of press but it’s not inclusive.

  3. ANG:

    A New Government (ANG) is a process that is starting in Europe. We consider that this is not interesting for the US market as there are many standards already here and we don’t need another one.

  4. Connectathlon

    Mark is working in a map that shows how the Green Internet should work. He says he is working on creating a real demo to show all the agents how it works, and how a GDPR compliance process would work on the Green internet. He would be open to pitch his proposal to the right audience. SSI Incubator is preparing a demo day of their new batch on December 12th.

  5. JFK/Conference

    We should organize an big event and start generating some noise. We should leverage on the Unconference and try to do ours right after or before. We should be able to create a group of angel investors, or VCs and connect investors with startups. We should talk to existing entrepreneurs to understand how they raised money, and try to get the first money in for ”our“ startups.

    We could get some traction from Sacramento and Oakland privacy groups which seem to be pretty active. They track every surveillance company and check which are ready for the CCPA starting in January.

    We should organize events both in East and West Coast. Johannes mentions that we could get some sponsorship from Me2B. We propose to organize our first conference during the last week of October 2020. We will check availability in the Computer Museum. In this conference we should have at least 3 perspectives, Government, People’s, and Startus+Investors. Previously we will try to organize an Investor conference around 28-30 of April. We agree on having a monothematic meeting regarding this event.

  6. NFDR

    This is an organisation in Malaysia that is creating a framework for press digital rights, SSI, data lockers and all kind of tools to protect rights. It is lead by the IO foundation in Malaysia. We should talk to them and find out more.