Monthly Hub Meeting




  • Johannes Ernst
  • Josep A. Aliagas
  • Sari Stenfors
  • Kaliya (identity woman)
  • Paul Jurcys


  1. Event committee.

    Discussion on financials for the conference. Johannes has asked if MyData office has ideas on financing and on the business model of it. No clear answer.

    We would like to put together a description of what we are doing and to whom. Asking Michael Becker to help in that.


    • What is the organizational structure for putting up an event? Conference committee? Setting up a company?

    • We need conference strategy. What is needed right now in the space of MyData and who would we like to have at the conference?

    • General market for this type of conferences. Many data privacy conference, but where can we provide solutions. How can we differentiate? For example data brokering business solutions or what is it that we focus on?

    • Different models for conference concepts to choose from:

      • Attraction points. Key stars in the space. Do we find big names to draw the crowd?

      • People who are solving it in everyday level

      • Future and big companies

      • Using our strength as MyData global organization and solutions on how to deal with the federal level (GDPR knowledge, what will happen in the US at the federal level?)

    Action items for the event committee:

    A. One pager. We need to write down a basic concept of what this conference is about.

    Michael, Paul, Sari and others will write a one pager about the concept. We collect a bunch of one pager ideas. Deadline next week Tuesday at noon. Lets invite all to write one pagers.

    B. Sponsors. We take the one pager to possible sponsors.

  2. Social media outreach. MeetUp pages, we would like to keep it. Eventbrite and Facebook too. Lets keep it going and announce Hub meetings in all channels. Josep promised to do that.

  3. Next meetings.

    • for Conference organizing will be Tuesday at noon next week on the zoom channel. We will look at the one pagers.

    • for next MyData Hub meeting is the second Thursday in February at noon. Josep will reach out to Seth to get it going.