MyData: Silicon Valley Hub

We are the Silicon Valley hub of the global MyData organization.

Meet and discuss

Check out our monthly meetings and events. Typically every 2nd Thursday of the month, in San Francisco by video conference.

Stay in touch

Slack – following the lead of the parent organization, we use Slack. MyData Silicon Valley is at #hub-silicon-valley, and there’s also the related #startups channel. Feel free to join us.

Next meeting

When: Thursday, April 9, 2020, 12:00noon to 1:30pm.

Where: online

For last-minute details, check the #hub-silicon-valley Slack channel.


Pardon our dust

We are making changes to our website. Pardon the dust until we fix everything again. (We hope.)


Monthly Hub Meeting

Location Zoom Attendees: Johannes Ernst Sari Stenfors Corona: We talked about Corona and what it is doing to our lives and the economy. On the positive side we noted the surprising ways that our society is changing. Discussions about global warming did not help with CO2 rates, but Corona did. So much more is possible than what we thought. We believe that there are economic and societal disruption opportunities now for MyData. []

Monthly Hub Meeting

Location Zoom Attendees: Johannes Ernst Julian Ranger Josep A. Aliagas Mark Son-Bell Sari Stenfors Race to the Top: Current status Magdi has left for Sudan, so RTTT has slowed down. It looks like there’s not going to happen a lot in the short term. Sari sent a representative to MyData to the New York meeting, and it looks like there were other interested parties in investing. Sari will give him a call (Andreas) to see which were the other people/foundations that showed interest in investing in our industry. []

Monthly Hub Meeting

Location Zoom Attendees: Johannes Ernst Josep A. Aliagas Sari Stenfors Kaliya (identity woman) Paul Jurcys Notes: Event committee. Discussion on financials for the conference. Johannes has asked if MyData office has ideas on financing and on the business model of it. No clear answer. We would like to put together a description of what we are doing and to whom. Asking Michael Becker to help in that. []

Monthly Hub Meeting

Location Mozilla building, Mountain View Attendees Kathy Giori Mark Son-Bell Johannes Ernst Josep A. Aliagas Sari Stenfors Soren Juul Jorgensen Paul Jurcys Remote: Kaliya (identity woman) Agenda: The only point that we will be treating today is the organization of MyData North America Conference 2020. Kaliya and Johannes have created a document where we will be working in the coming weeks. I have written the link above so that we can easily access during the coming months. []

Monthly Hub Meeting

Location 500Startups, 814 Mission Street, San Francisco Attendees: Mark Son-Bell Johannes Ernst Josep A. Aliagas Kaliya Young (identity woman) Remote attendants: Sari Stenfors Kathy Giori Agenda: Elections Result Our Hub did not get any representative in any of the available positions. From our Hub we congratulate all the board and steering group members. Josep showed his personal concern and added that “This was really disappointing. []

Monthly Hub Meeting

Location 500Startups, 814 Mission Street, San Francisco Attendees: Mark Son-Bell Johannes Ernst Josep A. Aliagas Main points today: Board elections We agreed on our hub presenting a candidate to the Board of My Data. In case there’s no one willing to become a candidate, Mark Son-Bell offered himself to participate as our candidate. Our hub needs to have representation as Silicon Valley plays a key role in the personal data industry, and we need to be part of this key role by having a board member in the global organisation. []

Monthly Hub Meeting

Location Virtual Attendees Sari Stenfors Johannes Ernst Matthias De Bièvre Main points today: Wrap up and conclusions for our 1st full moon event. People liked the event and did not want to leave in the end. That is all positive. We need to talk about and create specific projects to get people to take action and contribute. We are happy and will continue with full moon events. []

Full Moon Event

When: July 16, 2019, 6-8pm. Where: At Node, 1011 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94133. Agenda 6:00pm - Doors open and networking 6:30pm - Welcome – Seth Goldstein, Co-founder, Node (and host); CEO & co-founder, Fiducia 6:35pm - Introduction and Welcome to MyData Global – Sari Stenfors, PhD, Executive Director, Augmented Leadership Institute 6:50pm - Lightening talks (5 min each): Heard of the GDPR? It matters in Silicon Valley, too – Søren Juul Jørgensen, research fellow at WSD Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University []