Monthly Hub Meeting


NODE 1011 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94133 San Francisco,


  1. My Data Introduction: My Data deck

  2. Personal Introduction (how people would like to be involved in My Data SV)

  3. Goal: Creation of Ecosystem

    We decide to work on the creation of a startup database so that we can identify all the new companies that join our ecosystem and try to generate a register so that we know who are the players in our industry.

    Johannes explains that Me2B Alliance is working on a certification process to generate a standard of data privacy compliance.

    We need to work on our own website and show the list of startups there.

    We need to talk about certain topics at every meeting so that our meetings have some real content.

    We need to have at least a 90-day goal milestones

    We need to set a goal for our own chapter and generate a decision-making structure

    3.1 Funding for operation:

    • Creation of small structure
    • Sponsors
    • Events (one every 6 months) also need funding

    3.2 Supporting new companies: Creation of a targeted accelerator

  4. Q&A

  5. Conclusions