Monthly Hub Meeting


NODE 1011 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94133 San Francisco,


  • Sari Stenfors
  • Seth Goldstein
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Josep A. Aliagas
  • Mark Son-Bell
  • Jim Fournier


We decided to concentrate on two different ways of action

  1. Full-moon Events

    An ongoing event at the Node every full-moon

    Should be focused on Ethics, Privacy and Personal Data.

    Event on privacy and data rights: Ethical use of data. What new can we do with data now that we have private data?

    Ongoing discussion on personal data? After this first meeting, we should be able to decide how to organize ourselves and what are our responsibilities.

    The first event will be held on July 16 Tuesday, 2019 at Node from 6pm to 8 pm, then August 15th, September 13th

    Marketing: Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup.

    What networks do we get connected with? IIW, etc.

    What is success for the event? Engagement. 20-30 people that can make a difference. Accelerating the mission statement for MyData. We divided marketing work for the event. Node will provide space and wine, and Sari will bring chips.

  2. Marketing MyData

    We felt that important people do not know enough about MyData. We decided to line up meetings with important people to market MyData. We set up a sub-team to work on this. Sari, Jim and Mark will continue discussion on Slack.


  • Important questions here in SF
  • How is MyData different from EFF ?
  • Who are the most active people in this field?
  • Berkeley professor active?
  • Data base solutions?
  • Internet archive?