Monthly Hub Meeting




  • Sari Stenfors
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Matthias De Bièvre

Main points today:

  1. Wrap up and conclusions for our 1st full moon event.

    People liked the event and did not want to leave in the end. That is all positive. We need to talk about and create specific projects to get people to take action and contribute. We are happy and will continue with full moon events.

  2. Planning September 13 meeting. There is an Omidyar meeting on the same day focusing on VCs investing on start-ups that care about data privacy. Message: Data privacy solutions are the next step in innovation and people who take part will have more value creation. How to get that message through?

    Focus of the full moon event: Start-ups presenting their ‘MyData’ solution, and tell us why ‘MyData’ space is important. 5 minute pitches and 5 minutes for questions. Ask interested start-up companies: what does your company do and why is it important? Also inviting other people to talk for 5 minutes on why the data privacy space is about.

  3. What else have we been up to? Explain to the rest of the people about our meetings with Julian Ranger, with Matthias and the “French-connection”. The Hub could engage people by working on collecting a use case library. Now there are use cases by cities in France. Matthias met with the city of San Francisco and will have a meeting with the IT people of the city soon. Sharing of the use cases in very important.

    Johannes wrote up Julian Ranger’s message on his blog

    Matthias reporting on his trip to the Bay Area. The French consulate meeting: There is much interest to continue and setting up meetings. Invitation only October dinner is being planned. Matthias also had meetings with Stanford Flourishing project and Berkeley Research Labs (incubator program).

  4. Planning full moon meetings forward:

    October: Brittany Kaiser…. and Personal data and what it has to do with the next innovation steps for the humans (Josep is in charge of the October meeting… yes Josep????)

    November: MyData use cases for cities: better health, better research etc.

Action items:

  • Somebody needs to write a blurb about the next event. Johannes
  • List of startups and and list of investors to invite. Sari and Matthias
  • Planning the event, Johannes is in charge of the September event
  • Social media updates need to be done. Social media responsibilities…
  • MeetUp: Sari, Facebook: Seth
  • Prep slides to present what the MyData Hub does at the beginning of the event (Saris slides on slack channel).