Monthly Hub Meeting


Mozilla building, Mountain View


  • Kathy Giori
  • Mark Son-Bell
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Josep A. Aliagas
  • Sari Stenfors
  • Soren Juul Jorgensen
  • Paul Jurcys


  • Kaliya (identity woman)


The only point that we will be treating today is the organization of MyData North America Conference 2020.

Kaliya and Johannes have created a document where we will be working in the coming weeks. I have written the link above so that we can easily access during the coming months. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ADPI4ghDH96eOtaEYEZ7RLHTj4cc1EPXmmO3O5Kns-g/edit?usp=sharing

We have divided the main tasks in 4 groups. All of us will bring ideas and participate in all of them as much as possible but we have chosen leaders for each of them . These are the groups:

1.- Sponsors: Kathy and Sari will be leading this group 2.- Program: Johannes will lead this one. Soren and Paul and Mark will co-operate. 3.- Venue: Kaliya will be leading this part in cooperation with group 3. 4.- Budget: Josep and Kaliya will lead this group.

During the rest of the meeting we have discussed about the Conference and we will find all the information about the meeting as well as all the work that we need to do and we will be doing in the document linked above.