Monthly Hub Meeting




  • Johannes Ernst
  • Julian Ranger
  • Josep A. Aliagas
  • Mark Son-Bell
  • Sari Stenfors

Race to the Top: Current status

Magdi has left for Sudan, so RTTT has slowed down. It looks like there’s not going to happen a lot in the short term. Sari sent a representative to MyData to the New York meeting, and it looks like there were other interested parties in investing. Sari will give him a call (Andreas) to see which were the other people/foundations that showed interest in investing in our industry.

Johannes is attending tomorrow a phone meeting with people from ITEGA, hosting, Jack from Seattle who is an incubator for VCs, Jordan raising a fund to invest. Fred Wilson, 2020s predictions he is endorsing the same space as we have foreseen but much more crypto related. They believe in total decentralisation, it’ more about the crypto environment.


Mark says they had an event with Kathy Giori and Mozilla at Embarcadero: Prifina’s profile is really interesting and they have good traction. They prioritize in a conference in Lille, France, to promote the model of permissions. They propose a scheme where the basic profile of a consumer and privacy attributes are conserved as a bootstrap. Mozilla’s focus is on smart home, and they are working with the web of things (IoT concept taken to web). They want to include the humans in the home. Data descriptions of the human being treated as a human twin.

Mozilla laid off 70 people including Kathy, so, IoT Project’s team has been reduced dramatically. Mozilla wants to work on privacy through their browser. In order to connect the things together, one of the core components they need is the information model. They cannot interconnect advertisers if every player has a different schema. So Profina wants to work in this as one of their verticals, but they want to work as a horizontal platform.

Julian says we have to normalize all data, finance, social, health… So they have implemented a full system and when they import data from Digi.me, they create a Map. If you go out and look to the web, there is not a standard, banking has many, health has many, education has many… so this is a problem. They have built these tool sets and they are standardizing everything. Later this year, they will set up a non profit and set up the normalisation tools and hand it to Kantara and ask them to prepare a standard.

North America Conference update

We have created a specific group and we meet every Tuesday. We need to produce a one pager so that we can start approaching sponsors and get some money upfront. We are thinking of November 11th-12th. Sari says we could use Mozilla or Twitter.


Johannes proposes to open a Blog area in our Silicon Valley Hub website. People can publish news about their companies, about the conference. We will create some posts about it in the General Channel.

My Data HQ Update

Mark thinks that our objectives should be in line with MyDAta HQ, Julian says that in the short term, we should secure the financial stability of MyData. We need to look for sponsors and we need to put some effort in finding financing for the Global Organisation. How much time do HQ have to support other hubs? Not much. The Hubs should do the local stuff. There is an intent to get more people involved and spreading the message, but in the coming months the focus is to get funding for the global HQ. If we need something, we can always give our feedback and try to get help.

During Finland’s Presidence of EU, there was a conference where MyData had some keynotes.


We should discuss in next month’s meeting what’s the goal of this monthly meeting and try to attract more people to the meetings. We should try to reach more people. Julian proposes that we attend other similar events and try to bring people. Mark says that Crypto and SSI attract a lot of attention and we might position ourselves there.